Edesmenneen Sean Reinertin aviomies kommentoi rumpalilegendan kuolemaa

Lisätietoja Reinertin kuolemasta.

Cynicissä ja Deathissa vaikuttanut Sean Reinert kuoli perjantai-iltana kotonaan.

Seanin aviomies Tom oli tullut töistä kotiin, kun oli löytänyt rumpalin tiedottomassa tilassa lattialta. Tom ryhtyi elvytystoimiin hälytyskeskuksen neuvojen mukaan.

Lopulta ambulanssi vei Seanin sairaalaan.

Tom ihmettelee Facebook-julkaisussaan Seanin kuolinsyytä, sillä miehellä ei ollut huumeongelmaa, ja kaksikko oli juuri käynyt vuotuisessa kuntotarkistuksessa. Tom ei pysty ymmärtämään tapahtunutta.

Seanille tehdään ruumiinavaus, jotta kuolinsyy selviää.

Alla Tomin kirjoitus ja Seanin muusikkoystävien muistokirjoituksia.

I’m broken. As many of you now know, my husband Sean passed away last night. Some of you in the inner circle I was able…

Posted by Sean Reinert on Saturday, 25 January 2020

From Sean Malone:I was luckier than most. Complete musical trust—especially between a bassist and a drummer—is a rare…

Posted by Cynic on Saturday, 25 January 2020

Me,Antti from (ex Charon) and Sean after their Cynic show in Helsinki-Finland.

Posted by Kai Hahto on Saturday, 25 January 2020

I'm trying to really find all the words to sum the last week or so up, just as we were starting to mend from Neil, this…

Posted by Jason Bittner on Sunday, 26 January 2020

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The world lost a true legend and a beautiful soul. Sean Reinert's innovative, dynamic, soulful playing on "Human" and "Focus" completely changed the game of metal drumming. As a teenager, I went out and bought my first splash cymbal after hearing Sean use his splashes so beautifully. No one played like him and to many, including myself, Sean is the ultimate reference when it comes to creativity and swing in metal drumming. As a person, Sean was jovial, kind-hearted, thoughtful and always ready to crack a joke or tell a hilarious story. Through his heartfelt laughs during the many game/movie nights my wife and I shared together with him and his husband Tom, or his big hugs when it was time to head home to take care of his cats, Sean's warm presence filled the room in the best possible way. It's so hard to fathom that he's gone… We spoke just a few weeks ago and he sounded as happy as ever. My heart goes out to Tom as well as Sean's family, friends, bandmates and fans. We will miss you so much, Sean… Rest in peace, brother, and thank you for everything. 💔 – #seanreinert #ripseanreinert

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I can’t even figure out what to say or how to process this… Sean – you changed the game 28 years ago. You were the pinnacle by which I judged all metal (and other) drummers creatively. The perfect blend of chops, feel and writing. I fanboyed you constantly and we still somehow became good friends. I was and will always be proud of the privilege of working with you and what we accomplished. You made it so easy to make things stellar… I don’t think a week would or will go by where I wouldn’t tell anyone about how important the human record and cynic was to me or metal itself. You are one of the greatest, period. But aside from all that, you will be remembered as the best dude, and I know that’s what you wanted. Thank you for being so pro, so humble, so chill, so fuckin hilarious, and just a damn genius to work with and pleasure to be around. It’s heartbreaking to be writing this, and I truly cannot believe it. I celebrate you today bro, and I promise you I will never stop telling people how great you were. Rest In Peace my friend. @seanreinert

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