Inferno tarjoaa: kuuntele uusi Swallow the Sun -levy!


Emerald Forest and the Blackbird ilmestyy 1.2. ja on kuudes Swallow the Sun -levy. Unen ja valveen välitilasta soljuva yli tunnin mittainen levy on kertakaikkisen komea teos. Vai onko? Kuuntele itse! Mukana kitaristi-säveltäjä Juha Raivion valitsemat Twin Peaks -sitaatit jokaiselle kappaleelle.

Kuva: Aleah L. Stanbridge


1. Emerald Forest and the Blackbird

”As the night wind blows, the boughs move to and fro. The rustling, the magic rustling that brings on the dark dream. The dream of suffering and pain.”

2. This Cut Is the Deepest

”Sometimes when we see the eyes – those horrible times when we see the eyes, eyes that… that have no soul – then we know a darkness, then we wonder: where is the beauty? There is none if the eyes are soulless.”

3. Hate, Lead the Way

”Life, like music, has a rhythm. This particular song will end with three sharp notes, like deathly drumbeats.”

4. Cathedral Walls

”…until after a while you wouldn’t feel anything… and then your body would just burst into fire. And the angel’s wouldn’t help you, ’cause they’ve all gone away…”

5. Hearts Wide Shut

”…Sounds like you’ve been snacking on some on the local mushrooms.”

6. Silent Towers

”Sometimes my anger at the fire is evident. Sometimes it is not anger, really. It may appear as such, but could it be a clue? The fire I speak of is not a kind fire.”

7. Labyrinth of London (Horror Pt. IV)

”Dark. Laughing. The owls were flying. Many things were blocked. Laughing. The owls were near. The dark was pressing in on her. Quiet then. Later, footsteps. One man passed by. Screams far away. Terrible, terrible. One voice.”

8. Of Death and Corruption

”A death mask. Is there a reason for a death mask? It is barely a physical resemblance – in death, the muscles so relaxed, the face so without the animating spark. A death mask is almost an intrusion on a beautiful memory. And yet, who could throw away the casting of a loved one? Who would not want to study it longingly, as the distant freight train blows its mournful tone?”

9. April 14th

”…Black as midnight on a moonless night.”

10. Night Will Forgive Us

”At night, just before sleep, as you lay by yourself in the dark, how do you feel about yourself? Are you proud of your behavior? Are you ashamed of your behavior? You know in your heart if you have hurt someone – you know. If you have hurt someone, don’t wait another day before making things right. The world could break apart with sadness in the meantime.”

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